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"I know my business. But I don't know web design, and that's a problem. I don't really know what a web site should cost, and I've seen a huge range of prices. Worse still, most of them have been variable rates, dependant on the amount of time the site takes, so I can't even comparison shop."

Sound familiar? At Wave Crest, we understand your concern. That's why we've assembled a series of fixed-price packages, with one to meet most every need. You can order the package as is, or use it as a starting point and select additional features a la carte. We can also provide you with a quotation for a custom design solution, if that will best fill your needs.

If you need a web host for your new site, we also offer several web hosting options.

Business Packages

Web Presence - $245

A good first step on the Web, either as an online business card or the beginnng of a site to be expanded later.

Small Business - $675

A more comprehensive site for a business looking to attract customers or develop contacts through the Web. Also excellent for clubs and organizations.

Online Merchant - $1950

A turnkey electronic commerce site, capable of processing orders as well as advertising your business.

Personal Packages

Home Page - $265

The perfect way to share the things you love with friends and family

Online Resume - $45

Put your resume online where potential employers can find it day or night.

  • One page formatted online resume from your emailed or OCR-scannable version
  • 1 email link
  • 3 external links to employers or schools
  • One year hosting at Wave Crest
  • One free update

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